Otoma=Raga first appeared in The King of Fighters XV as the game's main antagonist and final boss. Otoma=Raga speaks in a tongue that humans cannot understand, so it's difficult to understand her true intentions. Otoma=Raga uses the crystals forming on her body to attack her opponent, and is able to transform them into battering rams, individual projectiles, waves, and even shields. According to Heidern's report in the edit team ending of KOF XV, Otoma=Raga is said to appear at the end of the world after its herald (Verse/Re Verse) gathers enough souls to open a gate.

The King of Fighters XV




Page Updated:  Feb. 18th, 2023

The final boss of KOF14, Verse, was a pretty boring and disappointing design in my opinion. Otoma=Raga is an improvement and visually more interesting to me. The typical SNK Boss Syndrome moves are there, and she teleports which is annoying, but in general... she's neither the worst or the best SNK boss design I've fought against (and I've fought against them all, I tell ya).

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