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Harem girl and lost princess, Namira mastered the deadly art of scimitar fighting from a court eunoch. She seeks revenge on Al' Rashid and the Seven.


Mace: The Dark Age




Page Updated:  Mar. 10th, 2014

Namira is basically a belly dancer with a sword... she has some fitting animations as well, which weren't bad for the time. Considering her fighting style, she's pretty much an early Xianghua. Her finishing move is also pretty funny (she shrinks her opponent and kicks them up into her hand). 

Worth mentioning, Namira's in-game "transparent" pants were actually a technical feat at the time... hehe, nice legs Namira. ;) Like other females in the game, the designers did a good job with her proportions. Hey, rendering attractive females in 3D in the mid/late 90's wasn't an easy task. :P

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