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Jotaro Kujo

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Jotaro Kujo is the protagonist of part three (Stardust Crusaders) of the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (which debuted 1989). Jotaro is Holly Kujo's son and Joseph Joestar's grandson. In Stardust Crusaders, Jotaro turned himself in to the police because he believes his Stand is an evil spirit possessing him. To demonstrate, he steals a gun from a prison guard, and tries to shoot himself in the head. A phantom hand emerges from his arm and catches the bullet, which only Jotaro's mother can see. Later, Joseph comes to Jotaro's aid with Avdol. A brief fight ensues due to Jotaro's defiance, getting Avdol involved. After learning about Stands, Jotaro gets used to Star Platinum - a fierce, muscular, vaguely Aztec-looking spirit.

It is revealed that the stands manifested recently because of the return of Joseph. As Dio Brando attached his head to Joseph Joestar's body, this resulted in the rest of the family gaining stands as well. However, as Holly lacks the fighting spirit to control it, her Stand is slowly killing her. Joseph and Avdol determine that unless they kill Dio within fifty days and thus break his Stand's influence, Holly will die. This leads the group across the world to Egypt where Dio is, crossing through Hong Kong, Singapore, Calcutta, Pakistan, Karachi and finally Cairo. All along the way they are joined by Kakyoin, Polnareff and Iggy, and are attacked by Stand users and assassins sent by Dio. In part 6 Stone Ocean, Jotaro becomes an oceanologist, moves to the United States, eventually marries, and his daughter Jolyne Kujo inherits Stand powers. She also adopts an outfit style similar to his at one point due to her fascination and respect for her father. 

One of the strongest Stands in the JoJo universe, Star Platinum possesses superhuman senses, strength, stamina, accuracy and speed. It can see for great distances and at great magnifications. It is similar to Dio Brando's The World, and can likewise stop time, but that ability is only revealed in Jotaro's final battle with Dio Brando at the end of part 3. Here at his peak, Jotaro can stop time for as long as 5 seconds. It's stated that Star Platinum can freeze time for longer, but 5 seconds is the limit for human endurance under stopped time. After Dio's defeat Jotaro's Stand is the strongest Stand in the JoJo universe. Star Platinum The World, an evolved version of the Stand, appears near the end of part 6 Stone Ocean.
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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R


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Page Updated:  Sep. 1st, 2023

Jotaro has an unorthodox fighting style, an ultra cool personality, a snazzy outfit, and a chip on his shoulder. He's got all the right things to be the hero of his series, that's for sure. Over the years, Jotaro's appearance and mannerisms have become iconic in the manga universe... and I'm not surprised, muthaf*cka.

Jotaro's appearance and undeniable coolness has inspired many other characters out there, including a few in the fighting game universe (such as Bahn from Fighting Vipers). In 1998, Capcom translated Jotaro perfectly into 2D fighting game form, "officially" introducing him to the North American audience for the first time ever. That's pretty cool when you think about it. I always enjoyed using Jotaro in the first JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fighting game. His return in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle was awesome to see, along with the rest of the original cast who made it in. Finally, I've always been confused by (yet loved) how Jotaro's hair just eventually "becomes" his hat. Ora Ora Ora Ora Oraaaa!

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