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Marian is a childhood friend of Jimmy and Billy. Marian was the damsel in distress of the earlier Double Dragon games. In the 1995 Double Dragon fighting game, she is depicted as a gang leader was (based on the movie). She uses the street gang that she's in control of to fight the crime in the city, all while enjoying cultured interests such as drugs and figure skating (which factors into her abilities). She fights using a street fighting style with techniques based on figure skating. 

Double Dragon






Page Updated:  July 9th, 2013

Umm.... You'll strike a blow with your "MoonDrive" Technique? And why did you suddenly turn blonde when you said that? Uhhhhh.... You're drunk Double Dragon. Go home. 

LOL. I think I liked Marian better when she was the damsel in distress (and a hot blonde in a red dress).

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