Jimmy Lee

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Older brother to Billy, Jimmy Lee practices the Sousetsuken fighting style (a self-taught fighting style which combines Shaolin Kenpo, Tai Chi, Karate, Judo, and Aikido). He focuses primarily on powerfully offensive moves, rather than quick attacks like Billy Lee. Initially, he is wary about trying to end the crime and violence in their city, but he eventually agrees to help put a stop to the violence.

In the Rage of the Dragons storyline, Jimmy is a very unsociable young man. He lived on his own for a while. After his girlfriend was captured by gang members, he, and his brother Billy, decided to get some revenge... but his girlfriend was killed, and Jimmy later found out that Billy had some history with this gang. He hasn't spoken to Billy since.
Jimmy's first appearance was in the 1987 arcade game by Technos, Double Dragon.

Double Dragon

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Rage of the Dragons, Power Instinct: Matrimelee

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Page Updated:  Dec. 14th, 2019

Ahhh... the "Red guy" of Double Dragon. Jimmy's original fighting game debut was pretty generic overall. I think he should've kept the classic red vest & boots. His 2002 redesign in Rage of the Dragons was a bit more interesting. I found it to be kinda cool (and funny) that his Rage of the Dragons fighting style turned out to be a hybrid of Ryu's and Terry's... I'm pretty sure that was no coincidence. 

His ROTD clothing style is a a bit on the awkward side... brown suspenders with a black & red shirt? Meh. I dunno... he just looks kinda sleazy and weird (but perhaps that goes along with his story? lol). If you can get past his ROTD appearance, his fighting style isn't bad, and he's one of the more fun characters to use in the game. His animation is pretty cool at least.

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