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VF5: Ultimate Showdown Tips & Tricks for Beginners


Seiji Aoki, Chief producer of Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, made an appearance on the official PlayStation blog to help newcomers get into the series. Thanks to VF5: US being a free-to-play title on PS+ for June and July, millions of players have downloaded the game, including new players who perhaps never touched a Virtua Fighter game in their lives. Aoki's commentary in the blog offers some basic tips to help new players dive into the potentially daunting and intimidating mechanics and depth that Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown has to offer. Scroll down to read a portion of the blog and enjoy a selection of crispy HD screenshots as well.

Deceptive simplicity

Virtua Fighter uses intuitive and simple controls compared to many other fighting games. There are just three basic commands: Punch, Kick, and Guard. Each can be performed with one button. Simple, right? Hardly. 

Pairing just those three buttons with different movements of the stick opens up literally hundreds of combinations for each character. Add in the dynamic strategy of fights conducted in 3D stages and you start to experience the real depth behind such a simple control scheme. Perfecting the timing required to pull off the right combo in the right moment is the first step towards Virtua Fighter mastery.

For new players, your first destination should be Training Mode. Every Virtua Fighter has had a robust tutorial and VF5 Ultimate Showdown is no exception. Taking the time to learn the basic systems and moves before experimenting with more complex combinations will bear fruit once you’re ready to jump into competitive play.

The first two moves to learn are takedown attacks and breakfalls (fall recovery). In Virtua Fighter, you can continue attacking when your opponent is down (or take damage if you’re down). Stacking extra damage (or avoiding it) after a crucial takedown is often the difference between victory or defeat.

The other crucial system to learn is how basic frames work. Understanding how frames work will help you intuitively perform the right attack or counter in any given situation. It’s a challenging system to master, so when you’re first starting out, it’s best just to keep in mind that “if your attack is blocked, immediately defend” and “if you block, immediately go on the offensive.” 

Learn to reliably do those two things and you’ll be well on your way toward experiencing the fast-paced, fluid fights unique to this game.

          You can read the blog in its entirety over at Playstation.Blog.


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