Tuesday, May 31st, 2022 

TEKKEN World Tour 2022 Announced


During Combo Breaker 2022, Bandai Namco officially announced the Tekken World Tour 2022, ushering in the much-anticipated return of live events. The tour has been expanded to incorporate 16 global regions   with 5 Offline Master Events and 13 Regional Final Events. Competitors around the world will fight to the top of their regional leaderboards in MASTERS and DOJO events. Top players from each region will then advance to the Regional Final and eventually the Grand Final to fight for the title of Tekken World Tour 2022 Champion. The announcement comes just a few days before the 5th anniversary of TEKKEN 7's home release.

Marking the launch of this year's tournament, the initial Tekken World Tour 2022 MASTERS and DOJO events take place from June through October, leading to the Regional Finals from October through December, and ultimately culminating in the Grand Final in early 2023. The first MASTERS event will be held at Community Effort Orlando (CEO) in Daytona Beach, Florida from June 24th-26th, while community-run DOJO competitions begin starting June 24th.
The official website for TWT '22 is now live with more information and details. 
In related news, Katsuhiro Harada announced on Twitter that TEKKEN 7 has now sold over 9 million copies worldwide! Keep it here on Fighters Generation for more TEKKEN news and content.
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 Source:  TekkenWorldTour.com (official site)                    

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