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Darkstalkers Demitri Maximoff Figure by Storm Collectibles Preview, Available This Month


Storm Collectibles has built one of the most epic action figure lines to date one which happens to feature an impressive variety of iconic (and perhaps underappreciated) fighting game characters. It used to be a pretty "rare thing" in the collector's community to see fighting game characters, in particular, accurately represented in (quality) action figure form. Storm Collectibles' latest venture into Capcom's Darkstalkers shows some much-needed love to a series everybody wants to see return. Demitri is a character who hasn't been made into very many articulating action figures, so this one in particular is cool to see. Scroll down to see some high-quality preview photos / images and additional details.


The 1/12th scale Demitri figure includes 3 interchangeable head sculpts and 3 pairs of hands, along with Demitri's fireball and bat.

Like most other figures by Storm Collectibles, Demitri will retail for about $90. Pre-orders for the figure went live and sold out quickly on the official website, as usual for a Storm Collectibles figure. However, the Demitri Maximoff figure will also appear at online retailers like and Amazon.

See additional images and details over at the Storm Collectibles official site.


 Sources:  Storm Collectibles@StormCollectiblesUS          Related Tweet: @Fighters_Gen

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