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Incredible Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Fan Animation


Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike is an immortal and timelessly influential title in fighting game history. Some consider it the peak of 2D fighting games, artistically and competitively for its time. 3rd Strike is held in such high regard not only due to its deep technical gameplay and memorable character roster, but for its brilliantly refined animation quality. Yes, fighting game fans care very much about animation. A 2D animator who goes by "KathaN" just posted a gorgeous animated tribute to the beauty and legacy of SFIII: 3rd Strike and... it's simply a MUST WATCH. Go ahead and hit play in KathaN's animated tribute video (below) because you're going to want to watch this more than once.

You might think that a "team" of animators worked on this video, but KathaN told Fighters Generation that he completed this passion project all on his own! As someone who manages this website alone on the daily, I for one can appreciate the insane amount of hours and dedication such a passion project demands.

On one final note... if Capcom ever decides to re-release Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike on modern platforms with rollback netcode, KathaN's animation would make the PERFECT new intro movie for the game, wouldn't it?
TFG Rating: 10/10.
~TFG Webmaster, Frank Joseph | @Fighters_Gen


 Source:  KathaN (YouTube)Kathan (Twitter)           Related Tweet:  @Fighters_Gen      

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