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Latest KOF15 Silhouette Keeps Fans, Artists Guessing


Say what you will about SNK's pace for announcing new King of Fighters XV details... but their posting of weekly mystery silhouettes have been a huge hit with fans on Twitter, generating tons of hype for all the right reasons. SNK fans and artists alike have been fully engaged from the start posting their own takes on what character (or characters) could be behind the latest silhouette. Even professional and beloved fighting game artists like HIROAKI have joined the fun by drawing their own artwork into the negative space... No spoilers here! Just really great (and sometimes hilarious) concept illustrations from some very creative minds. It should be noted that these artists posted their mock-ups just hours after SNK released the silhouette, making it all the more impressive!

By @Mill_36 on Twitter.

By @ori_tsuki on Twitter.

By @ori_tsuki on Twitter.

By @sugoi_wotoko on Twitter.

By @livphoria on Twitter.

I think HIROAKI has it figured out though.
The new fighter is obviously a gator.

Once again, SFV Art Director Taka Nakayama has been posting his own artwork for a few weeks in a row. See TFG's previous article. Stay tuned for the official reveal tonight and keep it here on The Fighters Generation for upcoming KOF XV news! If you'd like to submit any art for this article or future articles, DM me on Twitter.
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 Sources:  SNK@SUPER_HIROAKI@mill_36@ori_tsuki@sugoi_wotoko     Related Tweet:  @Fighters_Gen

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