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Rumor: New KOF XV Characters, Release Date Possibly Leaked Ahead of Gamescom Reveal


SNK has plans to announce new King of Fighters XV information at Gamescom 2021, which takes place next week from August 25th-27th. Recent images from a Japanese online store might've leaked a few of the details early... including some unannounced characters. According to the leak, KOF XV is planned for release on February 17th, 2022 a date which happens to be in line with the current "Q1 2022" release window. *Potential Spoilers Ahead: The first leaked image (below) shows what looks to be an official KOF XV illustration featuring Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, and Chizuru on the left (an actual team in the game), with Shun'ei and a new female character pictured in the center. The female newcomer, wearing a baseball cap and a yellow jacket, has two levitating hands surrounding her... which might suggest her storyline ties in with Shun'ei and KOF14 boss, Verse.

On the right, another female newcomer with multi-colored braids and tan skin is pictured alongside two returning characters: Heidern and Ash Crimson. K', who was confirmed in the original announce trailer, also appears on the far right of the illustration.


The second leaked image (below) appears to show a screenshot of Ash Crimson and an updated HUD for the game, followed by the release date. If true, this will mark Ash Crimson's return to the storyline following his absence from KOF14.


[UPDATE #1] Additional high-quality screenshots and an image of the PlayStation 4 box artwork (featuring the same art as above) have surfaced online. The new screenshots below also show the new HUD and updated visual effects, adding credibility to this leak.

In any case, let's wait for SNK's official announcement before getting too excited. It's highly likely SNK will be showing all new KOF XV gameplay at Gamescom '21 as well so there's plenty to look forward to.

[UPDATE #2] SNK confirmed the Feb. 17th release date and released a new gameplay trailer at Gamescom 2021, confirming Ash Crimson and many more details. See TFG's updated article for all of the revealed content!


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