A Chinese martial artist and detective, he has black scratch marks on his cheeks. Wulong enters the tournament so that he can attempt to win the prize money and use it to pay a debt to a Chinese criminal group that he knows very well. His voice actor is Yasushi Horibata.

Kaiser Knuckle



Global Champion



Page Updated:  Mar. 22nd, 2022

Lei Wulong's great ancestor? Wait... what year does Kaiser Knuckle take place? Wulong looks like he could be from ancient times, while other characters from the roster are more modern-looking. Not uncommon for a fighting game roster, I suppose.

Hilariously, Wulong is the unintended "hero" of Kaiser Knuckle. Why? His anti-air special move can be used as an exploit to beat the OP boss of the game, General. Without Wulong, General is practically unbeatable by any other character! (The CPU AI is that broken.) Wulong gets some cool points for that. Otherwise, he looks a bit "outdated" as a fighting game character or even a character in a random 90's martial arts flick. Yeah, I'd say he would look outdated even in the 90's. He's got a few cool special moves, but some of his normals and animation is pretty weird in general. At least he can beat the General.

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