Lei Wulong

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Lei is based on martial arts legend, Jackie Chan. Even Lei's nickname, 'Super Cop' is based off of the movie Police Story III starring Jackie Chan. Debuting in Tekken 2, Lei is the #1 detective of the Hong Kong International Police Force. As one of the most respected Hong Kong police detectives, officer Lei Wulong has developed his own style of Kung Fu, and uses this to his advantage when facing the many criminals he encounters within his home metropolis. A number of killings lead to the investigation of Kazuya Mishima, who was linked with several Triad and Mafia transactions across the globe.

Lei's investigations lead him to Kazuya's former bodyguard, Bruce Irvin. Bruce nearly defeated Lei in The King of Iron Fist tournament 2, but Lei managed to come away victorious. Mysteriously, Bruce's flight home was reported crashed, killing all passengers aboard. It was rumored that Kazuya's corps were involved as a means of silencing Bruce. Lei's investigation and intuition led him to believe the accident was staged, and he doubted that Bruce was really dead.

Before the events of Tekken 3, Lei returns to his job as an investigator of international crime. Though 19 years have passed since Tekken 2, apparently nobody believes that Lei is 45 due to his good looks and fighting skills. Known as Supercop, he's feared internationally by even the most powerful of crime organizations. Falling within his jurisdiction are the strange disappearances of prominent martial artists. During these investigations, Lei was visited by the head man of the MFE, Heihachi Mishima. He asked Lei to join the "King of Iron Fist Tournament 3." Why Heihachi would seek him out for a mere tournament was beyond Lei. A believer in fate, Lei feels there's a reason for this meeting.
During the time of Tekken 4, Lei's life was consumed as usual by police work. Unfortunately for Lei, his live-in girlfriend got fed up with Lei's workaholic lifestyle and dumped him in favor of Lei's assistant.  Ironically, the assistant acted as a liaison for Lei whenever she wanted to get in touch with him at work.  When Lei found out about this, he became extremely depressed. Around the same time, Lei botched an operation to bring a crime syndicate to justice. Lei failed to capture an agent of the syndicate who would have enabled the police to take down the syndicate's boss.  The failure cost the police force two years worth of intense undercover investigations. Rival detectives who were jealous of Lei's stellar case record saw this as an opportunity to damage Lei's career.  Unbeknownst to Lei, the rivals reported to Lei's superiors that he botched the operation by "allowing personal affairs to affect his job performance."
As a result of this betrayal, Lei wound up on a one-month suspension from active duty. Soon after his suspension, Lei learned from an informant that the syndicate was plotting to assassinate a boxer participating in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4.  The syndicate apparently hired an assassin for the hit. Lei thought that he could gain valuable information from the boxer about the syndicate.  If all went as planned, he could also capture the assassin and establish a plausible connection between the assassin and the syndicate.  Lei reasoned that this would aid efforts to bring the syndicate down. Lei entered the Tournament with the hope of redeeming his honor.

Lei pursued the fugitive, Feng Wei, to Japan, but unfortunately his trail grew cold, and with no new leads he had to return to Hong Kong. And waiting for him back home was a country in chaos; riots with steady regularity had taken the country by storm. Knowing the ones behind this mess were none other than the Mishima Financial Group (MFG), Lei set out for the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to arrest Jin Kazama, the ringleader pulling all the strings.
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Tekken 2

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Page Updated:  Apr. 18th, 2024

After Namco included a faithful representation of Bruce Lee in the original Tekken, they decided to throw in a Jackie Chan inspired fighter in the sequel... why not?! :) Who wouldn't want to see Jackie Chan VS Bruce Lee anyway? XD Since we never saw Bruce Lee VS Jackie Chan in the movies, Namco made it happen in Tekken! Thanks Namco! XD

Lei's fighting style consists of several kung-fu "animal" stances, as well as a drunken stance. Each chance has a handful of moves and transitions, and these only multiplied in future games. What other fighting game character do you know of has 7+ stances (lost count), each with tons of movesets of their own. No doubt, Lei is another example of how deep the fighting styles in Tekken have become. Lei received a generous moveset/animation update in Tekken 6, which is easily his most impressive iteration to date.

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