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A legendary mercenary who is said to have dominated countless battles. Setting fire to entire battlefields and turning them to dust with his highly volatile explosives and shotgun, he is known as the closer of wars. He is said to frequent the Moonlight Tavern after strenuous jobs to quench his thirst with alcohol; a languid smile always playing at edge of his soot-flecked lips.

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Page Updated:  July 6th, 2022

Is this guy serious? Trouble-shooter? The guy in DNF Duel who ridiculously uses a sword like Cloud's, and a shotgun... and looks kinda like super-popular YouTube, Maximilian Dood? Even Max said this guy looks like a doof. In case you didn't read that correctly. I said Troubleshooter looks like a DOOF. As in DOOFUS. He's trying way too hard to be cool with that anime convention get-up.

I'm not sure I understand what this character is going for in terms of design... but he's like a weird mix of Sol-Badguy and Dante from Devil May Cry. His fighting style / moveset is a weird mix of things that I'm not sure meant to be put together. lol. Troubleshooter might appeal to some, but I think several other DNF Duel character designs are more compelling in many ways. Not one of the game's strongest designs, I think.

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