A monster from Germany, Marco was transformed into mutated freak by the General. His face is wrapped in bandages so only one of his eyes can be seen. Marco joins the "Kaiser Knuckle Tournament" in an attempt to win the prize money so he can help fund science research that might enable him to become a normal once again. His voice actor is Hisayoshi Ogura.

Kaiser Knuckle



Global Champion


Page Updated:  June 10th, 2021

Just look at this Darkstalkers reject! ^o^ Interestingly enough... Darkstalkers and Kaiser Knuckle both released in the same year and month, July 1994. So no one's calling Marco a knock-off, per say, but I actually think he's a legit Capcom character and just ended up in the wrong game. lol

His name is painfully plain and doesn't match his appearance. I couldn't think of a worse name for this character. Just... Marco. To his credit, he's actually the first Marco to enter the fighting game world, as Marco Rodriguez, Marco from Battle Fantasia, and Marco Rossi all appeared after him. He's bit of a comic relief character for the Kaiser Knuckle roster, but perhaps is trying too hard to be the "freak" of the game. Yeah, we get it... Marco. You're weird. He's got some ridiculous special moves, including one where he rips off his head and throws it at his opponent. Where you at Mortal Kombat? Marco should've pitched some ideas to Midway in the mid 90's. They could've used the help.

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