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Luke is a young American mixed martial artist who specializes in kickboxing. In addition to his MMA skills, he has the special ability to throw rapid fiery projectiles with his punches. A former soldier of the U.S. army, Luke's past is shrouded in mystery. As a young boy, he lived alongside his father, Robert Sullivan, a quiet and reserved person. Luke often reminisces about his father, who sprung into action evacuating civilians in a mall upon discovering an IED planted by terrorists, sacrificing himself while protecting others.

Following the death of his father, Luke chose to join the army to fight against terrorism, though he found himself unsatisfied with his line of work. While training on a heavy bag during the events of Street Fighter V, Luke is visited by Guile, who challenges him to a quick sparring match. Guile reveals that he was asked by Luke's CO to confront his desire to leave the military. After Luke remarks his doubts about the path his life has taken, Guile tells him about how he knows people just like Luke who chose to take their fight elsewhere. The two toast to Luke's father, and Luke's new path in life, with Luke thinking that he wishes to become a man just like his father.


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Page Updated:  Feb. 9th, 2024

As the final SFV newcomer, Luke was kind of a "do or die" character. He's not a returning fan-favorite, so naturally, fans were quick to judge Luke negatively. I'm not blaming them, as Luke's visual design is a bit "loud" in some ways, while his motif seems sort of generic. Luke looks too young to know what Street Fighter is... and kinda seems like a jerk. One thing I do like about his design? He's actually a FIGHTER. Let's get back to actual Street Fighting, shall we!

A MMA type fighter seems like a good direction for the series. Maybe the next SF game will be 3D like TEKKEN? JK. Probably not, but I could see a MMA character like Luke easily appearing in a "more realistic" 3D fighting game or crossover. Overall, Luke's projectile punches and moveset is original. He's a fun character if you give him a chance and definitely not the "worst" SF character I've seen. Give him a chance to develop! There's even a chance Luke is actually a young Captain Commando, considering the timeline. It's an intriguing theory and would be pretty awesome if true. Finally, Luke's "quick development" into the SF6 announcement (not too long after his SFV debut) is a super unorthodox and interesting move from Capcom. For that reason, I'm very interested to see more of him in SF6.

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