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Zarina is a member of KOF XIV's South America Team along with Bandeiras and Nelson. Zarina fights hard to protect the nesting place of her toucan companion "Coco" whose species is facing the threat of extinction. In her team's ending, she reveals to her teammates that she was able to procure the land she wanted with Antonov's help, as he already had purchased much of the land for one of his businesses. Although the others assume she had won him over by appealing to his emotions, she gleefully admits she simply kicked him in the crotch instead. Being Brazilian, she is fond of Samba dance and uses her dancing skills in battle.


The King of Fighters XIV


SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy


Page Updated:  Jan. 10th, 2023

Zafina, meet Zarina. Fun Fact: I like toucans. Zarina's design seems bright and likeable at first glance. She's got a fairly interesting mix of Capoiera, flippy-spin kicks and dance moves. However, in my opinion, her fighting style lacks polish, some of her kicks lack oomph, and her moveset is just plain mediocre overall. I was expecting more. I was also hoping to see that toucan in action.

Alas, Zarina is one of my least favorite newcomers in KOF XIV. She really seems like a "filler" character. In retrospect, she's not the type of design you'd expect to see appear in a sequel 10 years down the road... the originality just isn't quite there. Yeah, she's a visually alright design... but it takes more than that to be a successful fighting game character. Zarina almost seems more suited to be a "background character" of sorts.

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