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Nelson is a boxing prodigy who suffered an accident that cost him his arm. He was quickly able to replace it with a state-of-the-art mechanical prosthesis and enters the tournament to vie for the championship. He fights to seize the world championship while hoping his fiancée will someday awaken from her coma. In the past, it is revealed that Nelson is responsible for Tizoc's harsh defeat and the reason for his heel persona, King of Dinosaurs.

In his team ending, his fiancée awakens from her coma. Nelson is completely unaware that the scientists who gave him a cybernetic left arm were responsible for his accident and attempting to use him as a test subject. Before he goes to see to his fiancée, Nelson advises his teammate, Bandeiras, to try and not scare people while advertising his new ninja school in Japan or else he may get himself arrested.

 He makes his debut in The King of Fighters XIV.


The King of Fighters XIV





Page Updated:  Aug. 11th, 2021

Boxing 2D fighting game characters are always entertaining, to me at least. As a Steve Fox main in TEKKEN for many years, I was pretty excited to give Nelson a spin. He's definitely a dynamic puncher, and a bit  "complicated" as a 2D character with various transitions and strings. He's not as intuitive to pick up as other boxing characters, but he does have some hard-hitting punches which look pretty good in the KOF XIV animation style.

Design-wise, I think SNK tried too hard to make him "stand out". Nelson: "Heeey, look at me... I'm wearing 6 different colors and I have red hair". Yeah, Nelson definitely won't get hit by a car walking home from the boxing gym at night. Is he a rodeo clown or a boxer? The outfit and colors is just too much IMO. He's a decent KOF newcomer, but I honestly would've been way more hype by the return of Rick Stroud or Vanessa in KOF14

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