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Yunfei / Cloud
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Yunfei (also known as Cloud) is a Black Guard of the CRD and an excellent Commissioned Officer. When his father was about to die, he told Yunfei he should fulfill his duty as and take care of the family business, or join to the army instead. Yunfei did it so, but instead of joining the Army or Navy, he became a mercenary for the CRD, fighting against the Fung family. When the Xuan Dou Tournament was announced, Yunfei was selected as the Commander of Security for the event.


Xuan Dou Zhi Wang




Page Updated:  Sept. 16th, 2013

As a solider of sorts, Cloud / Yunfei is most reminiscent of Metal Gear's Solid Snake (or even Chris Redfield) due to the fact that he fights CQC style, with a pistol & knife. I'll always be the first one to say that having a "gun" in a traditional 2D fighting game just rubs me the wrong way... REAL MEN FIGHT WITH FISTS!!! ;) Indeed, this guy is armed with a pistol, shotgun, rocket launcher, and even a friggin' chaingun for his super move!

While all his artillery is a bit too over the top, where Cloud surprised me (pleasantly) is his actual combat. He's got some really well-animated attacks, especially with that knife. He's got one of the prettiest knife combo strings I've ever seen in any fighting game! ...Fancy stuff. A lot of his priority attacks are fluid and have a lot of pop also. Overall, he's a very powerful character... and even seems a little overpowered in some areas. His intro is also pretty cool, where he drops down from a helicopter on a rope.  

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