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A leader of SHINE appointed and Secretary, Shirley has the faculties to manage public and private resources. This sexy woman has numerous clients and admirers. Despite handling large amounts of money, she doesn't feel tempted to luxury and corruption, since she's instead dedicated to his own goal: serving the man who gave her a second chance, and protect him at the cost of her own life. She worked along the Fung Family to organize the Xuan Dou Tournament, as a representative of SHINE. She also forms part of an intelligence group that will gather important information for the organization about the fighters of the tournament.


Xuan Dou Zhi Wang

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Page Updated:  July 5th, 2019

Shirley is a pretty cool chick. In her default stance, it appears she's more interested in reading her little book instead of fighting. lol. Unlike some XDZW characters, she seems to have a fighting style all her own... but still seems to take some inspiration from certain KOF characters. The "style" of some of her attacks resemble those of Vice and Mature. Furthermore, some of her special moves remind me of B. Jenet's, and Shirley can even spawn tornado's similar to Goenitz (only less cheap). 

Overall, her fighting style didn't quite "wow" me like some other XDZW characters, but she's still an interesting (and sexy) design.

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