Pilot of the UVA-02 Helion, Shade was one of the Earth Corps soldiers, along with Ken Saotome and Gawaine Murdock. He want amok after being brainwashed by the Federation and turned on whom he considered as friends.

The sinister Earth Force began something similar to a "super soldier" experiment. They needed someone who was strong and young. A experienced soldier called Eichmann, from Germany, ended up being their candidate. They strove to create the perfect soldier but they needed to see if they had complete control over him, so they made him kill everyone in his unit, including his formerly best friend Ken Saotome. Earth Force writes the incident off as an accident.

Now named "SHADE", he became a cyborg and attack dog for the Earth Force. His memories were a little scrambled and he tried to remember who he was. Jin Saotome's last name, Saotome, is the first thing to jar his memory, since it is later revealed that he fought and killed Jin's father, though didn't want to. He became delusional at one point, confusing Jin with Ken, his father. In the end, in Jin's ending, he died saving Earth, doing one last favor for his old friend. I n his extended story mode, from console versions, Shade dies in a self-destruction after a last match against Jin.


Cyberbots: Full Metal Madness




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Page Updated:  Mar. 18th, 2020

Yeah, Shade is basically a "futuristic Sagat" with a badass gun who rides in a mech. He's a cool design for sure. That next-gen eye patch tech is something else. Ironically enough, a DLC Shade skin was released specifically for Sagat in Street Fighter V. Makes perfect sense! It's actually a pretty cool fan service for old school Capcom fans who've compared these two designs for decades. lol.

As a character design, Shade is very underrated... he just looks cool to me. His final form and official artwork is aesthetically badass all around. Lots of details going on. He's a perfect example of a very obscure yet beautifully-designed Capcom character... it's a long shot, but I think he'd make an amazing character in a game like Marvel Vs. Capcom (fighting as himself, not inside a mech). Do it Capcom! 

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