When the people of the volcano province of Blo think of a guy with a good sense of humor, they think of Panchos. When they think of a guy able to learn anything, they think of Panchos. But when Panchos headed out of town last week dressed in bright armor and loaded with large metal bombs, nobody knew what to think.

Panchos' father, an inventor, taught him from a young age the skills of his trade. But Panchos wasn't satisfied with his life, and longed for adventure. When he heard that the Golden Axe had resurfaced, he headed off. Finally, life seemed to be getting exciting.

Golden Axe: The Duel




Page Updated:  Feb. 27th, 2023

This guys face.... just wow. lol. He looks like the comedian Louie Anderson. Same hair color too. So, you might not realize this (or maybe you do), but Pancho seems to represent a "classic baddie" in Golden Axe. He wears the same style of armor (complete with the "showing off the bare thighs"), that several classic Golden Axe bad guys are known for wearing. It seems Sega wanted to go with a "brand new character" direction, instead of fleshing out one of the actual classic bad guys. (I personally think bringing back the huge bald guy with the hammer or one of the other ranom dudes would've been more memorable, but to each his own.)

Pancho has a large belly, so he has a pretty unique look for a fighting game character. Round fighters are entertaining. Some of his moves are pretty hard-hitting, and his bomb-based fighting style is pretty entertaining. 

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