Milan Flare


Milan Flare is the princess of the kingdom of Windwood, and descendant of Tyris Flare, who helped defeat Death Adder long ago. She is also the protector of the kingdom, and relies on wind magic to battle her adversaries. Though a bit young and brash, she takes her role of protector seriously and has won the confidence of her people.

The kingdom of Windwood is the most scientifically advanced of all the provinces. It is a prized jewel for many would-be leaders who could use the power of the winds. Should Milan win, the Golden Axe would be used to ensure that Windwood does not fall to foreign invaders.

Golden Axe: The Duel




Page Updated:  Feb. 27th, 2023

Boys that grew up in the 90's might've googled over Pamela Anderson... but me? I was an 80's kid. I was all about Tyris Flare (among other female warriors / swordswoman like Red Sonya who would lop off dudes' heads without a second thought). Strong women with swords who could keep up with the guys? I was always a fan of them. Tyris Flare was the very scantily clad heroine of the original Golden Axe... and she was indeed one of the hottest video game heroines in 1989. There weren't many to choose from in 1989, but I can tell you she was one of the most iconic (and perhaps underappreciated)!

Milan Flare doesn't have quite the same appeal of Tyris, but she's less generic than she may seem at first. Her normal strikes and special moves are fairly well designed for a 2D fighting game, and she has a decent looking sprite / stance.

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