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Death Adder is the main antagonist of the Golden Axe series, having multiple appearances throughout the games. A fearsome descendent of the evil giants that survived the battle against the gods many years ago, the serpentine Death Adder seeks nothing more than to conquer the world and rule as emperor.

Before the time period of the first Golden Axe game, Death Adder tricked the humans to take the Golden Axe, using its power and his army to conquer the land and starting an era of darkness, pillaging and destroying several places without mercy. Six years after he destroyed the Firewood Kingdom, Death Adder imprisoned the royal family from the Southwood Kingdom. Upon learning of this, three heroes, all having lost someone close to them through Death Adder years ago, decided to stand against Death Adder's evil and vowed to put a stop to his reign of tyranny. They were Ax Battler the barbarian; whose mother had been killed by Death Adder's soldiers, Tyris Flare the amazon; who had lost both parents to the evil lord's legions, and Gilius Thunderhead the dwarf; whose only brother was slain by Death Adder's minions.

Together, they traveled the lands of Yuria, ridding the once peaceful land of Death Adder's influence and freeing the people from the slavery of his men. When they had reached the Southwood Castle, they infiltrated its walls and confronted the giant in battle. Death Adder is shown to be a snake able to call other snakes to form a human body. After his defeat, Death Adder's perishes, putting an end to his reign of terror.

In Golden Axe: The Duel, Death Adder was believed dead after the battle with Gilius Thunderhead many years ago, yet rose again to stalk the land. Twice since then he has "died" only to return again from the other side. It is widely believed by the people that he is not a man, but an evil spirit.
Rumors that he will fight for the Golden Axe are causing panic throughout the lands. Should Death Adder gain the Golden Axe, the continent will face an age of horror and despair.

Golden Axe: The Duel



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Page Updated:  Jan. 20th, 2023

Death Adder stole so many quarters from 90's arcades kids... I was beyond happy when I got the home (Amiga) version of Golden Axe for Christmas '89, so I could finally kill that bastard for free. LOL. Seriously, I always thought Death Adder was among the most badass knight designs of all time. An evil knight of his caliber paved the way for characters like Nightmare. Death Adder's design still holds up to this day, and he's pretty much the most iconic "red knight" anywhere. Adder would've made an epic guest character in Soul Calibur (which should've happened by now but didn't... so I decided to create him in SC6. Video below.)  ^_^

In Golden Axe: The Duel, Death Adder actually looks a bit different compared to his original version. It seems they wanted to add some random details on him, like that weird Dragon shield... but he didn't need all of that. They should've kept him like he was in Golden Axe (1), but he (mostly) still looks pretty cool in The Duel. His special moves in that game could've been a bit better though.

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