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This Taiwanese girl's main hobby is eating a variety of dishes. Born an optimistic and with a great body, her biggest desire is trying out all the foods of the world, although not having the wealth to travel, that appears like a far dream for her. One day her friend Claire told her: "Listen, in the Xuan Dou Tournament, the participants travel all around the world". Having heard that, Linn immediately ran to sign for the tournament.


Xuan Dou Zhi Wang




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Page Updated:  Dec. 31st, 2013

If for some reason you were disappointed that Sakura didn't make a cross-over appearance in Xuan Dou Zhi Wang... rest assured, because Linn IS Sakura. lol. In the same fashion that King is similar to Ryu, Linn shares most of Sakura's iconic special moves. Needless to say, XDZW isn't short on shoto fighters... and that's actually good news for 2D fighting game fans that enjoy using shotos.

While Linn can easily be dubbed as a Sakura rip-off, her in game personality and smooth animations actually make a statement. She's got some unique priority moves and even an Akuma-style air fireball (where she throws the fireball and does sort of a split kick - awesome animation). Even though she looses some originality points, it's hard to say that she isn't a fun character to use in the game.

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