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Kung Jin is an archer from the Shaolin and is a part of a small team consisted of himself, Cassie Cage, Takeda Takahashi, and Jacqueline Briggs.. As a child, Kung Jin admired his cousin Kung Lao and considered him a hero. After his cousin's death, the Kung family lost their family fortunes and moved to the United States of America. Because of this, Jin became a thief and blamed Raiden for the death of his cousin. However, after meeting the Thunder God, he let go of his resentment and trained under the White Lotus Society, who Jin originally thought would not accept him because of his homosexuality. Having learned much of Outworld and the ways of the Shaolin, Jin now fights to protect Earthrealm in honor of his family.

Like his older cousin, Kung Jin is a Shaolin monk who excels in a projectile weapon, using a bow and arrow. However, he is far more egotistical and rude than Kung Lao, as he will talk offensively even to his own team. For example, Jin does not respect Cassie Cage's leadership and will make rude remarks about Jacqui Briggs' father being a revenant. Despite his shortcomings, Jin's street smarts prove useful and can see that others can redeem themselves. Overtime, he grows to respect his team and protect his friends and going as far as risking his own life in kombat to protect their lives.


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Page Updated:  Dec. 17th, 2019

Besides his weirdly generic name, Kung Jin was a pretty cool MKX character... more interesting than some, for sure. Finally, MK gets a proper archer (sorry Nightwolf, you don't really count). His moveset has many cool elements and Kung Jin probably has some of the better animations of MKX.

As a design, Kung Jin is a "safe" kinda design who definitely looks "Mortal Kombat"... while he fits in with his standard brand of MK gauntlets, leg guards, and loincloths... he's also kinda generic in a way. Even so, I think he's one of the better and underrated designs of MKX. I was kinda dissapointed to see him not return in MK11 (considering some others who made the cut).

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