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Junpei Iori
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Like Yukari, Junpei was a playable character in Persona 3. He is a student of Gekkoukan High School. Now 19, Junpei is enrolled as part of the emergency team of the Shadow Operatives, the Shadow response unit created by Mitsuru. He joins in on operations at Mitsuru's request, but such requests are infrequent. In his free time he works a part-time job and on days off he coaches a boys’ baseball team. In P4U2, when he misses his train stop and arrives at Yasoinaba, he becomes entwined in the strange happenings there.
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Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax

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Page Updated:  Dec. 13th, 2018

If you were a fan of Shoma in the Rival Schools series (like me)... there's a good chance you'll also like Junpei. There's just something about knocking people around with a baseball that's... fun. Very fun. 

Junpei has a good variety of straight-forward and also cleverly unique attacks and special moves. He's also one of the hardest-hitting characters in the Persona 4 Arena series, another reason why I like using him. Other than that, I honestly don't know much about him, since I didn't play Persona 3.

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