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Jubei / Mitsuyoshi
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Mitsuyoshi (more famously known as Jubei) is one of the legendary Six Heroes. He is also known as the "One-Eyed Twin Lotus" and is called "the strongest being on the planet" by some. He is Konoe's husband, Kokonoe's father, Celica's brother in law, and is the progenitor of the Kaka race (the Kaka tribe were genetically engineered from his DNA). He is Ragna's master and fought the Black Beast alongside Hakumen. The Kaka tribe were genetically engineered from his DNA. Despite his physical appearance, he is a powerful warrior. He works to safeguard his friends in their times of need. Jubei has appeared in the Blazblue storyline since the first installment (Blazblue: Calamity Trigger) and became a playable character in Blazblue: Central Fiction.

In Blazblue: Central Fiction,
Jubei found an amnesiac Ragna and sent him to Kagutsuchi. Much later, Jubei used his brother's Eye to help Platinum the Trinity materialize a new Hihiirokane. Later, Jin and Jubei arrived to help Ragna's group to enter Nine's workshop. Jubei explained that it can be opened only with a special key, but in case it does not work, he would use Musashi (his sword). After they arrived to the Workshop, Jubei planned to guard the entrance, but was attacked by Nine. She told the group about the Prime Field War, and explained that she will use the Corpse Burial: Requiem to rewind back to the time before the War, but no-one approves of it. Ragna fought Nine and managed to defeat her when she was distracted by Celica.

Then Izanami appeared, and Nine activated Requiem, using her own life as a catalyst. Nu-13 suddenly tried to attack her, and Jubei protected her, but Nine died anyway. He was sealed with Nu for one week, and was later saved by Ragna, who was the only one capable of defeating her. He and Nu were left behind by Ragna, but Tsubaki Yayoi stayed there to watch over them, and Jubei confirmed that Kokonoe is gone, and the voice that was guiding Ragna and his group is her back-up. He apologized to the back-up for being a bad father, but it asked him to tell that to "the real her" later. After Ragna recreated their world, Jubei was seen watching over Platinum as Litchi Faye Ling introduced her to Linhua.
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BlazBlue: Central Fiction

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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

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