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Gorilla Grodd
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Hailing from the technologically advanced Gorilla City, home to hyper-intelligent primates living in their own secret, secluded society, Grodd stood apart from his fellow simians through his telepathic and telekinetic powers. Believing that his city's benevolence was keeping the gorillas from achieving what was rightly theirs, Grodd overthrew the leader of Gorilla City and took his place-a first step in his ultimate goal of taking over the rest of the world and establishing apes as the ruling species on the planet. It was the intervention of The Flash that ultimately stopped the villain's scheme, and forever placed the two as bitter rivals.

Grodd has a brutal nature and a level of enhanced strength that make him incredibility dangerous in a physical fight. This is presuming you're even able to get close enough to him to throw a punch as his powerful telepathic abilities give him a distinct advantage over most of his enemies. Along with his strength and aggression, Grodd is also highly intelligent and a master statistician. It is this perfect combination of brain, brawn and savagery that cements Grodd's conviction of his place at the top of the evolutionary scale. And anyone who challenges his claim, will find themselves learning the true meaning of survival of the fittest.
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Injustice 2

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