The island of Miribar is a unique place: its ports stocked with goods and animals from distant lands, its college healers the best in the provinces. But when the man calling himself "Doc" resigned from his position at the school to seek the Golden Axe, the island folk were stunned. A healing man who fights? No one had ever quit the college before.

Doc has promised to bring the Golden Axe back to the province. This, to say the least, has caused mixed feelings. Why welcome back a man who broke his vows, even if he returns with the legendary axe?
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Golden Axe: The Duel

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Page Updated:  Jan. 6th, 2021

Ohh what's up Andy Bogard? ...what are you doing in Golden Axe: The Duel? lol. The main protagonist of The Duel happens to be a brown-haired fighter (Kain Blade), and as you must know by now, every 90's fighting game needs a strong, blonde-haired warrior to rival him. ;) Though fairly simple in design, Doc has a fairly cool appearance. Doc tries to play it cool and not be the rival of Kain Blade in terms of his storyline (but we all know he is). 

As cool as he may look, Doc is more of a sleeper character in The Duel... and that's mainly due to his moveset. He's got a few decent-looking sword slashes, but his special moves and super move seems like an afterthought. Doc's "erect" fighting stance is also a bit unnatural and awkward. I guess he's going for the "ninja vibe," but you might not know it if it wasn't for that shuriken logo on his shirt. Good thing for the shuriken logo. (See, that means he's a ninja. Seeee.) lol. Anyway, go on home to Fatal Fury, Andy... everybody knows it's you.

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