Kain Blade


Orphaned by the war and found by a famous warrior, Kain Blade learned the art of swordsmanship from an early age. When his patron died attempting to save another child from fire, Kain could not accept the way his master died. Kain's whole life had been devoted to perfecting his combat skills; death by other than combat was unimaginable.

Seen as a samaritan by some, a meddler by others, Kain has taken to wandering the various provinces to help those in need. He seeks the Golden Axe in the hopes to unite the provinces of the continent and end the diabolical plans of his enemies, Zoma and Keel. They will try to stop him, but Kain is determined to win.

Although Kain Blade is a barbarian and the main protagonist of Golden Axe: The Duel, it's unknown if he is a true descendant from the Golden Axe (1) protagonist, Ax Battler.

Golden Axe: The Duel





Page Updated:  Feb. 27th, 2023

Kain Blade has that funny 90's SF2 Ryu face (that seemed to be contagious random 2D fighters back then). Furthermore, Kain definitely saw Haohmaru in Samurai Shodown (somehow, perhaps through a town fortune teller), and began emulating Haohmaru's fighting stance, sword shoryuken move, and started growing his hair out like Haohmaru. lol. It's all truth.

Kain has a seemingly more reckless personality than Golden Axe veteran, Ax Battler (who had a cool, calm persona). In place of Ax Battler, there still had to be a simple and "straight-forward" barbarian protagonist for Golden Axe: The Duel... (although a part of me wishes good old Ax Battler made the cut, instead). Alas, I think Sega designed Kain Blade as a more colorful and charismatic fighter to be a better fit for a fighting game. His special moves are effective, though somewhat lack originality. I don't think his outlandish random fire projectile really makes sense or suits him...  but Kain's standard sword slashes are  solid, technique-wise. Not a terrible design as the main protagonist.

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