The shadow of fear was approaching Metro City. A man known as "DEATH" was running around Metro City with a bomb. The bomb was codenamed Laughter Sun. Mayor Mike Haggar contacted well known fighters in order to locate and defeat DEATH and then defuse the bomb. Codes were needed to disarm the bomb, and that is where the Code Holders subtitle of the game comes into play. D.D. and his teammates, Rook and Ingrid, were the Code Holders. Their codes are Ogre, Fallen Angel, and Isis. Judging from an early screenshot, his real name is "Avel".


Capcom Fighting All Stars




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Page Updated:  Aug. 7th, 2021

After years of being shrouded in mystery... "Death", the boss of Capcom Fighting All-Stars, was finally unveiled by Capcom in 2016. At first glance, he's actually a pretty cool design. Definitely badass right from the start. The dude threatened Mike-effing-Haggar with a bomb threat. You don't do that. That's MIKE HAGGAR we're talking about! That takes balls.

So yeah... "Death" or Avel (if that's his real name) could've been a pretty damn good villain for Capcom. He's got that Alucard vibe going on, but also seems to have a cool personality. So disappointing CFAS was canceled. While the game might've been a flop, the lore would've been very very interesting for long-time fans.

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