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Captain Cold
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Slowing down the Fastest Man Alive is no easy task, let alone stopping him cold in his tracks. But it's all in a day’s work for Captain Cold. Cold and calculating. That’s the best way to describe Leonard Snart, and it’s how he approached the job. Get in, get out and if anybody gets in the way, deal with them. No fuss and no muss. It was simple and it worked. At least until a certain scarlet-colored speedster interfered.

Stealing a technologically advanced freeze gun and donning a signature blue and white parka, Leonard became Captain Cold, one of the Flash's most chillingly dangerous foes. Whether on his own or leading the gang of Central City villains known as the Rogues, Cold approaches the job at hand with an utter lack of emotion. His only care is getting it done as efficiently as possible. And yet, for a criminal, Cold is surprisingly ethical. He follows a strict Code of Honor: no drugs, no senseless violence, and above all, no killing women or children. He’s brought that code to the Rogues, convincing them that if anyone breaks it, they risk bringing the hammer down on themselves all that much harder, and with members in jail, the gang is less effective.

Despite his cold-hearted nature and generally icy exterior, Snart does care about one thing more than anything else—his younger sister, who he has gone to extremes to defend and protect. His unparalleled mix of honor, loyalty, greed and ruthlessness make him one of the most unique villains in comics—but never mistake him for anything but. Get in the way of the job, and Captain Cold will chill you to the bone... Literally.
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Injustice 2

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Page Updated:  May 1st, 2020

Jesus DC... No wonder Batman villains became so famous. Some of the other DC villains are painfully generic. Did a 6 year old come up with the concept and name for Captain Cold? If you asked me to review this character when I was 5 years old, I would've told you that this character was BORING. So... let me get this straight, hardcore DC fans. Cpt. Cold dresses up at Santa and shoots people with ice guns? A mall Santa gone maverick? I think the main villainous attribute of Captain Cold, is that if you speak his name in public (as a real life human)... you will never ever get laid. This also goes for discussing "high level" Captain Cold reset spam combos in Injustice 2 in public. Don't do it. 

In fairness... Cpt. Cold's Injustice 2 inclusion was unexpected, as his obscurity actually made him a decent choice for the roster. NetherRealm's updated take on the character makes a lot more sense than his... previous, completely laughable "mall Santa" attire. NRS did a good job with his visual design, but his animations are still pretty terrible.

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