ARIA began life as a simulation of... life. Utilizing radically new processing technologies and other technological insight gleaned from a government incident in 1947, the Ultrafine Atomic Technologies Company (founded in 1948) performed research into the simulation of life and human frailty within a computational matrix. The core program ARIA was born of the desire to uplift the human race; to end disease, famine, poverty and push humanity out of what was seen as the primordial muck and mire it wallowed in. This work took on greater and greater meaning for its founder, industrialist Ryat Adams, as his wife was dying of a degenerative disease and he desperately sought a cure for her condition.

Over time, Ryat and the UATC continued to refine and enhance its ARIA humanity simulation program, assigning it more and more complex simulations of the human condition as its capabilities continued to grow and more tech from the government source was understood and exploited. Years passed, and when Ryat finally died, his will included instructions to continually allow ARIA to run her programming as she searched for the solutions to human frailties.


Killer Instinct (2013)





Page Updated:  June 5th, 2019

The Aria is a really amazing hotel in Las Vegas (probably my favorite hotel on the strip)... and I'm 98% sure that's where the designers got the name from, especially with EVO nearby over at Mandalay Bay. ;) I know my Vegas.

Anyhow, Aria is a pretty cool female robot design... although, she's kinda sleepy and uninteresting in some ways. Aria kinda looks like a FPS enemy - maybe a more powerful one or even a boss. While a cool mecha design, I've seen many other designs just like Aria. Moveset-wise, Aria is a well-designed and pretty interesting fighting game character. As a newcomer to Killer Instinct, Aria is a fairly solid addition.

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