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Originally from the HALO series, "The Arbiter" is a warrior of the Sangheili alien race of the Covenant empire. The Sangheili appear as reptilian-esque creatures who tower over humans with their large height and armored flesh. The Arbiter wears battle armor known as the Kaidon armor which consists of an ornate helmet and one sleeveless arm. Traditional weaponry for the Arbiters, include: a customized Energy Sword known as "Prophet's Bane", a Type-51 Carbine, and Plasma Grenades.

The Arbiter arrives on the Earth at an unknown date, where he encounters the fighters of the Killer Instinct universe. They do battle with him out of curiosity and for sport.


Killer Instinct (Season 3)



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Page Updated:  Oct. 28th, 2023

HALO is the most mainstream FPS that I never got into, which you'd already know if you read my character review for Spartan-458. ;) I can see how it makes sense for Arbiter to appear in Killer Instinct Season 3, given the fact that it was Xbox One's only exclusive fighting game. Use your assets... right?

Anyway, Arbiter is a fairly cool monster design... for a FPS. Although, I feel like he exists in several FPS games I've played. Resistance: Fall of Man anyone? He sort of fits into Killer Instinct visually, but he bores me as a standalone character and I know I'm not the only one. His design kept my attention span for the amount of time it would take to shoot him off a cliff with a plasma rifle. He's a pretty good example of a typical FPS bad guy... and a pretty good example of why fighting game characters are better designs. They did a pretty good job representing his moveset in KI, but overall... meh.

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