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Android 21
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Android 21 was a researcher employed by the Red Ribbon Army. Her intelligence rivals that of Dr. Gero, though she may be even smarter than he was. Not much is known about her, but she clearly has two sides to her personality. In her normal attire, she appears to be a kind and motherly woman who was concerned about Android 18 and agreed to help her. However, she is revealed to be nothing but a sadistic and power-hungry sociopath, wanting to "devour" all the powerful fighters. Her glutinous lust for "devouring" powerful fighters is somehow similar to the traits of the Majins. She appears to have a friendly relationship with the good Majin Buu.

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, two different playable versions of Android 21 are selectable. Her original "Majin" version debuted first with the original version of the game, while her "Lab Coat" version released as a paid DLC character in February 2022.
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Dragon Ball FighterZ




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Page Updated:  Feb. 20th, 2022

Female Majin Buu? I see "Rule 63" finally works in the DBZ universe too. Visually, I think she's a pretty cool-looking design and clearly fits into the art style and source material. Do I understand DBZ lore? Still no. So Android 21 turns her opponents into snacks? >__> Nope, still don't get it. DBZ fans are weird but somehow I understand. In gameplay? She looks cool. Everyone in DBFZ looks cool.

On a second thought, Android 21 is kinda badass. Visually? Yeah. Also, she debuted in DBFZ as a new character (via DLC), where she is playable in her Majin form. Years after the game is released, her original Lab Coat version became playable as a separate character. From a fighting game perspective alone, that's a pretty cool gig. Instant cool fighting game chick? Yes.

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