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Innocent Buu, usually just called Buu, is the first form of Majin Buu seen in the Dragon Ball series. He is the result of Kid Buu absorbing the Grand Supreme Kai. According to Daizenshuu 1, Innocent Buu was inspired by Akira Toriyama's third editor, Fuyuto Takeda. He is the main antagonist for the Majin Buu Saga portion of the Majin Buu Arc. Although he is one of the most powerful entities in Dragon Ball Z, Innocent Buu is often playful and displays his childish personality, revealing he destroys things for fun simply from old instructions from his master, stopping once told what he was doing was wrong thanks to the Grand Supreme Kai's personality showing in him.

Though Shin says that Bibidi
created him, in truth Buu actually has existed since time immemorial. He cycled between rampages and long hibernation. During numerous iterations of this cycle, he absorbed the evil elements of mankind, becoming steadily more violent. The evil wizard Bibidi merely knew the means of calling Buu from out of his long slumber. Roughly five million years before the actual story of Dragon Ball takes place, Majin Buu was summoned once again by Bibidi. This monster was a virtually invincible force of destruction, and, because of his absolutely wild and ruthless nature, he could not be controlled, even by Bibidi himself. An example of this is when Kid Buu blew up Planet Alpha and its inhabitants, and almost hit Bibidi in the process, causing Bibidi to tell Kid Buu off and only meekly telling him he is his "father" when Kid Buu intimidated him by glaring at him. Eventually, Buu and Bibidi made their way to the Sacred World of the Kai, where the rulers of the universe and Bibidi's sworn enemies, the Supreme Kais, lived peacefully. Majin Buu proceeded to kill both West Supreme Kai and North Supreme Kai before encountering South Supreme Kai, the strongest of the Kais. Although the Kai managed to fight evenly with Buu and land a few hits on the monster, Buu managed to absorb Southern Supreme Kai during their fight, which transformed him into a bulkier version of himsel

. FUN FACT: Buu's along with Bibidi and Babidi's manga names are most likely references to the magic words the fairy godmother uses in the 1950 film Cinderella, "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo."
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