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No one knew his real name; a strange alias and vague rumors about his origins were all anyone had to go by (his name means "two" in German). They called him a werewolf. Some swore they'd seen him summon a strange beast to fight by his side. Others claimed corpses were found in every city he left behind...

In truth, Z.W.E.I. was a hunted man, on the run from assassins sent by Graf Dumas of Hungary. He had dared to interfere with Dumas' purge of the malfested, a witch hunt that falsely accused and executed innocent people. But Z.W.E.I.'s life was about to change. He rescued a fortune teller named Viola who possessed inhuman powers like his own, and the pair became traveling companions. Continuing his journey while protecting Viola from Dumas' assassins proved difficult, but Siegfried found the two fugitives and took them in under his protection. Out of gratitude, Z.W.E.I. agreed to Siegfried's request: he would find a successor worthy of Soul Calibur. Would Z.W.E.I., too, find his destiny changed by the clash of the two great swords?


Soul Calibur 5


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Page Updated:  Oct. 25th, 2019

I think ZWEI is one of the most underrated fighting game characters of ALL TIME. Who cares if ZWEI is more of a "fantasy style" character that SoulCalibur as a series isn't quite used to yet? This guy is a friggin' Jojo's Bizarre Adventure-style "stand user" in SoulCalibur... and he's incredibly fun to use, especially if you master his moveset, combos, and mindgames. What a complex and beautiful moveset! ZWEI's play-style is unlike any other character from the fighting game universe (outside of JJBA)... and that's why he was my main in SC5

Judging from ZWEI's appearance, I was assuming he'd be a villain in SC5... but the story suggests he's more of an anti-hero. Sadly, ZWEI never got much of a chance to develop... but I hope he returns in future installments or even crossovers. ZWEI's moveset is deeper and more interesting than entire rosters of other fighting games. He could be in his own game. Actually, a 3D fighting game with characters similar to ZWEI would be really interesting. Visually, ZWEI is obviously a badass and has a convincing charisma about him - from his animations, to his mannerisms, to his voice. On a side note: ZWEI's disembodied wolf ghost/friend interestingly resembles Unknown's from Tekken Tag Tournament. It would be cool if they connected that somehow.

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