Liu Yungmie


Yungmie is a young female Taekwondo master from Korea whose parents were both top-class martial artists. She participates in the Great Grapple in order to investigate her parents' disappearance three years prior to the start of the game. When she defeats Karnov, she is told that her father committed suicide after losing to Karnov and that her mother disappeared afterward. In Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!!, she participates in Chelnov's Great Grapple tournament in order to face her rival Liu Feilin. In her ending she becomes a tour guide who travels the world.


Fighter's History Dynamite

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Page Updated:  Sept. 3rd, 2022

That's a pretty cool Yuri Sakazaki cosplay, Yungmie. Ohh wait, you're not cosplaying Yuri? Sure you aren't. Well, I guess Yungmie has some Chun-Li mixed in too. Like most characters from Fighter's History, she mostly seems like a rip-off of other popular fighting game characters of the era. Her outfit and most of her moves have been seen before and have been done better.

On a side note: I used to confuse her with Tia Langray. They pretty much look the same to me... but I think Tia is a more interesting design overall. Sorry Yungmie... I promise to still choose you if I ever play Fighter's History again in my life.

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