A man who is dressed in black and looks expressionless and empty. In reality, he is amnesic Asura (the product of Asura merging with "Shadow Asura"). He is the assassin, sent by an organization connected with The Razor Trio in case Oboro fails the project to delete all evidences of the project. Yuda's origins are unknown. Sent by a mysterious organization to the prison island of Riten Kyo, Yuda hides himself in the shadows, rarely showing himself in public. However, whenever Yuda appears, he does so with incredible force and violence. He is able to kill many people in just matter of seconds. It almost seems natural to him. His mission is presumed to be that of eliminating all evidence in Riten Kyo if the Razor Trio fails. Yuda sides with no one. He acts alone, and with an obscure aura, he continues his savaging path throughout Riten Kyo. All of Yuda's attacks are named after various emotions, which Yuda seemingly lacks.


Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage






Page Updated:  Jan. 2nd, 2014

At first glance, Yuda is a badass gothic design... Asura is a badass, so this "alternate version" of Asura naturally follows suit. Yuda pretty much has the same fighting stlye as Yaci and Mugenji, so unfortunately he's not as original as he could've been.

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