Yaci Izanagi


Yaci is one of the most dangerous thugs wandering around the streets of the prison island of Riten Kyo. Being a free-lancer bodyguard, Yaci and his friend in crime, Haito Kanakura, always roam the villages of Riten Kyo in search of a well-earned job. More than the money, Yaci likes to make his opponents suffer.

He enjoys the agony and pain his enemies may present, and afterwards, he drains his foes from their blood, and drinks it up. A bloodthirsty villain, Yaci, however, still presents human traces. After he met his girlfriend, Namino, Yaci has vowed that one day, he will end his life of crime and blood drinking, and escape with Namino, far away from the cursed island of Riten Kyo. In order to do so, he has decided to move up in the Riten Kyo scale, and become as powerful as the Razor Trio, or the Bafuku government.


Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage




Page Updated:  July 15th, 2020

So, what's up with Yaci's outfit? Rockin' the purple spandex in the samurai era? Really? Is he even a dude, dude? Remember, this is a Samurai Shodown character. Yaci's mini Mortal Kombat loincloth makes me chuckle. It's like he's hiding something (but at least he isn't trying as hard as a Mortal Kombat character). At first glance, I really disliked this design... but I gotta give the designers credit for attempting such an unorthodox type of character design. Yaci obviously doesn't fit in with the "traditional" cast of Samurai Shodown, but at least he's memorable in that way... and he fits in with the rest of the "new age" samurai kids introduced in Warrior's Rage.

If anything, Yaci's hair game is pretty strong. Not sure what the deal is with the black toenail polish, or if that was a thing in ancient Japan, but... lol. Whyyyy? Yeah, there's no denying that Yaci is a bit of a weirdo. Maybe Yaci's strategy is to win by TIME OUT because nobody wants to go near him. Good strategy.

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