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Weiss is the main protagonist of Arcana Heart 3. She works in a secret company called Valkyria, a branch of the Drexler Institute. She is sent to investigate the cause of the catastrophe that is happening around, and to stand on one's own. She was also involved in Drexler the same way Sharl was, but after the organization was overthrown by Petra, Weiss came with her in order to be rehabilitated back into society. Unfortunately, she knows nothing about the real world and is having trouble fitting in. Her expressions seldom change, but she cares deeply for her friends and comrades. She believes Scharlachrot may have something to do with the recent unusual events and has gathered the courage to investigate situation on her own. Her Arcana is Gottfried (Sword), an artificial Arcana called a Geist. Drexler has developed an armored Holy Spirit inspired by the Norse war god Tyr.


Arcana Heart 3

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Page Updated:  July 7th, 2013

In my opinion, Arcana Heart was a bit short on "cool" characters before AH3... not to mention somewhat heavy on the typical anime archetypes. However, Weiss offers something that the original cast lacked... originality and "coolness". Her futuristic schoolgirl theme and her cool fighting style definitely balances out the roster.

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