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After the great war, Drexler, a secret organization that has been trying to create artificial Maidens and Arcanas from behind the scenes, created Scharlachrot. She was trained to stand on the battle fields from a very young age in their facilities. Compared to while, her personality is very extreme and dependent. After Drexler was destroyed, she was under the protection of Petra, but soon disappeared. She later reappeared in order to oppose Weiss and the rest of the cast. She is the mid boss of Arcana Heart 3. Her Arcana, Baldr (Fang), is also a Geist, which shares its name with the Norse god of light and beauty. The Drexler Institute based Baldur on Fenrir, the massive wolf from Norse mythology.


Arcana Heart 3

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Page Updated:  June 10th, 2019

Scharlachrot adds a much appreciated "coolness" to the Arcana Heart series, as one of the darker characters in the game. She's got an interesting play style, and has some pretty cool (and well animated) special & super moves. Watch out for those chains... (not combo chains. Literally, chains! lol). I'm not a fan of most Arcana Heart designs, but I have to admit this chick is pretty cool. She also reminds me of Etna from the Disagea series.

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