Wang Koh-San


Wang Koh-San is an artist entering a competition, and is also a friend of Lee Pai Long. A small happy-go-lucky comic relief character he has come to GlassHill Valley for inspiration for the competition, but once there he learns of Wyler's Elixir and thinks that it will interest Lee. Wang travels with his pet Pelican, Hoeh-Hoeh. So far, he has only appeared in Art of Fighting 3 but Wang made a cameo appearance in a background in KOF 2002.


Art of Fighting 3


Card Fighters Clash 2


Page Updated:  July 25th, 2019

Wang is the "goof" of Art of Fighting 3. Look at him. What a dork. You'll see 3 of this guy at every anime convention. Backpack and all. When I think of what made the Art of Fighting series interesting and great in its early days... I think of martial arts characters - or characters who actually look like fighters. Wang is the opposite of that. I guess the SNK artists / designers wanted a "fat" character to show off the diversity and fluidity of AOF3's animation. However, I think they could've done better than... Wang. >_>

Comic relief? At best. Wang is an odd design choice for the series... but still somehow kinda unique. I suppose he was a good "try" as a new type of design from SNK, but I think SNK missed the mark on this one. He really didn't add much to AOF3 - besides reminding the player that they should probably be playing a better SNK fighting game. Sorry Wang. I like his pelican better than him. Random pelican ftw.

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