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A 55 year-old from Shimane, Japan, Utsusemi is an elder of the Narukagami and veteran samurai. He is the former Meikyokan dojo master, having previously handed off his duties to Hanzaki. He turns his interest to training Tatsumi and Red Shadow until Hanzaki begins abusing his power. Those who have fought him say it's like trying to fight a shimmering heat.


Bushido Blade

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Bushido Blade 2

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Page Updated:  June 6th, 2019

First off, Utsusemi's alternate costume is basically a TOTAL rip-off of Gambit's in the original Bushido Blade. And I have to be honest, as an X-Men fan... I actually liked Utsusemi for that very reason when I first tried out Bushido Blade! LMAO. Thankfully, they also gave him a more suiting, traditional samurai attire... but I gotta admit, I might actually like the Gambit outfit more. C'mon, it takes some guts to cosplay Gambit and do it right! lol. In fairness, Utsusemi was a pretty cool character in both games. He had a natural badass charisma about him and some pretty cool unique moves.

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