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Tatsumi Takeshina
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A 16 year-old from Hiroshima, Japan, Tatsumi is the youngest student at Meikyokan. Although not a member of Kage, he has lived among them most of his life. His novice swordsmanship is put to the test when he attempts to escape the compound. In Bushido Blade 2, he is a member of the Narukagami. He's highly skilled in using two swords at once.

Bushido Blade

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Bushido Blade 2

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Page Updated:  April 17th, 2024

Tatsumi really reminds of of Takumi from Initial D... or Kyo Kusanagi. Almost seems intentional. Them 90's high school kids and their mushroom haircuts. lol. While drifting cars and samurai fighting aren't exactly alike, the way Tatsumi's big eyes are drawn is definitely reminiscent of Takumi... not to mention his hair in some images. Other than that, TATsumi is a pretty standard good guy design. Not too interesting, but not bad.

For a "young fighter" archetype... Tatsumi was pretty cool in Bushido Blade. His blue Gakuran school uniform works for him, although his odd yellow & black outfit is pretty damn ugly. (I'm guessing that one was meant to appeal to Western audiences? lol.) His moveset in Bushido Blade 2 contained some pretty unique moves (including some epic double katana techniques). Overall, he was a pretty solid all-around character.

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