A barbarian killing machine from the cold wastelands to the north, Tusk is the last of a warrior caste decimated by the bitter rivalry of the Warlords and finally reduced to a sole survivor during their costly banishment to Limbo. He now lives in wealth and glory as Champion of the old world’s Gladiatorial Arena; but when the demonic shadow of Gargos rises again, Tusk sets his jaw, takes up his blade and casts aside all other responsibilities to settle this blood feud once and for all.
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Killer Instinct 2


Killer Instinct GoldKiller Instinct (2013)

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Page Updated:  Oct. 29th, 2023

He's basically a somewhat generic "barbarian" design at first glance, but something is pretty cool about tusk. He brings a unique fighting style to the series, although, as a "replacement" for a few of the Killer Instinct 1 characters, he didn't really live up to the classics. 

I like him though... he reminds me of a lot of main characters in 80's video games! xD His stance in particular resembles that of the fighters in the original arcade game, Barbarian. Yeah, I'm old school.

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