Temjin is a Mongolian dock worker at the Southtown port, and resigned himself to a period of menial work as a manure loader which made him $25 an hour. Tem stayed on, earning money for the small school in Mongolia where he dreams of teaching one day. A pure heart who fights for the good of others.


Art of Fighting 2



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Page Updated:  Dec. 29th, 2022

This barrel-chested Mongolian looks like a proper fighter, at least. Temjin's Kung-Fu ponytail's pretty sweet, but otherwise... he's a pretty bland design in terms of appearance IMO. Temjin just looks like a tough guy / generic Stage 2 baddie from any 90's beat-em-up game. Also, the weird coloring on his shirt makes it seem like he's not wearing a shirt, but he is wearing a shirt, right? lol. 

Moveset-wise, I like Temjin's spinning piledriver and muscle buster throw. It's always good to see a 2D grappler able to perform more than 1 command throw. Like like any typical AOF character, he also stole something from the Street Fighter roster... E. Honda's flying headbutt being the ripped-off move this time around. In fairness, Temjin does more of a flying hundred hand slap... so it's kind of an innovation (but still mostly a rip-off). Temjin's animations, taunts, and voice are all a bit kooky and awkward, so there's somewhat of a comic relief element there. Overall, he's definitely one of the sleeper character designs in AOF2. It's pretty understandable why he didn't appear in any other games. lol. On a side note, he reminds me of Mr. Heart.

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