Takeru Hongou


Hongou was a hidden enemy in the first Bushido Blade, and can be fought with Tatsumi and Black Lotus. He is an enemy of Tatsumi's and a student of the Shainto. He returns in Bushido Blade 2 as a "wandering warrior" with no particular style. He's also a childhood friend of Jo Kotomura.


Bushido Blade



Bushido Blade 2


Page Updated:  Jan. 2nd, 2014

As a non-playable secret character in the first game, Hongou had a naturally cool aura about him. He had a pretty cool costume too. However, in the sequel, Hongou pretty much turned into the token Native American fighter archetype (with a little samurai mixed in). Overall, they could've made him into a better design. The best part of his Bushido Blade 2 appearance is probably that he uses tomahawks as his sub-weapon (in BB2). Personally, I think his BB1 appearance was cooler... and they probably shouldn't have changed the design so much.

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