Subaru Shinjo
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He is the son of Sho Shinjo and Cupido, who was trained by his uncle, Eiji, in sword fighting. However, one day, Eiji disappeared. Subaru decided to enter the fourth Toshinden tournament with his team mates Naru Amoh and Rook Castle, to find Eiji.
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Battle Arena Toshinden 4

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Page Updated:  Sept. 14th, 2013

Following the footsteps of characters like Jin Kazama and Rock Howard, Subaru was a solid successor to Eiji in Battle Arena Toshinden 4. His outfit resembles his father's classic attire, and he's naturally pretty cool design overall. The awesome Toshinden artwork definitely plays a part in his coolness. The only thing that bothers me about his design... oddly enough, are his socks. (Are those socks? Or just weird part of his ninja tabi?) Either way, it reminds me of a Japanese schoolgirl's loose socks... which definitely don't look good on a guy. lol.

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